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We find great joy in being part of people’s progress and healing process.

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Our core features

One to One

We offer exclusive one to one sessions via Skype (or other video link of your choice), or in person (some New Zealand Southland areas only) for people who want a bespoke personalised approach that can fit with their schedule and lifestyle.


Yoga Master & Scientist, Meditation, Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher, Puneet Rathore is available for a limited number of keynote speaking engagements on health, wellness, and personal development.

Group Sessions

These are particularly appropriate for people who want to study with Punit, but who would like to share their sessions with friends as a group, or who would like to join an existing group class.

Online Yoga Meditation
What we can offer you

Yoga Science

One of the many things great things about yoga science is thinking more broadly about ‘medicine’ than is often the case from a western perspective. From the yogic perspective medicine can be anything that is therapeutic, including talking to somebody, your kitchen spices and herbs, fresh air;


Meditation is mental exercise for the mind, in the same way that physical exercise is for the physical body. All yoga practice should be carried out with harmonious balance, including the poses, the Pranayama, and the meditation. Meditation is a very deep cathartic bath of your whole being.

Health, Fitness, & Beauty

All the traumas, phobias, ailments, and stress (Samskaras) are stored in our unconscious mind. The unconscious mind (subtle body) is repeatedly reacting to these Samskaras. As these are held in the unconscious mind they are outside of our awareness, and so we look outside of ourselves for the cause of our problems.

Yoga Asanas (Poses)

Asanas are used in order to keep the body healthy and flexible. They are also ways to bring awareness to the physical body about the feelings, thoughts, and traumas held in the body. Asanas should be done in such a way that they are a catharsis, a release and relief of traumas, pains, phobias, etc


Prana means subtle energy, and is the vital life force. Yama means to control, direct, or restrain, also to harmonise. The abundance of Prana is in the air element, and Pranayama are the breathing exercises of yoga. Some popular yoga breathing exercises are bhastrika, anuloma viloma, kapalbhati, ujayi…

Tantra (Techniques)

Tantra simply means ‘technique’  Tantra is one of the branches of yoga that has been very much mistreated and misinterpreted. Tantric tradition spread from Hinduism to Jainism, and Buddhism. In Hindu tradition of Tantra there are various branches. In Tantra there are more than 20 techniques,